Outdoor Activity Links
From Nana Gump’s Guesthouse, it is only a ten minute gentle walk to historic Whaletown harbor and marina where it all began in the late 1800’s. Stop in at the first church built on Cortes Island. Whether you walk or bike, there are multiple trails on Cortes. Some easy and relaxing and others that lead into some of the best cut throat fishing anywhere. All are marked and well maintained by local volunteers. For those of you who prefer to drive, there are many beautiful sights to be seen and areas to stop and enjoy yourselves.

The trail to the Whaletown Commons and False Gorge harbor is a beautiful walk rain or shine. The “Commons Trails” is an area of land that the local residents are trying to purchase and have set aside for future generations. The trail winds along the water and up to the inside of the island is “breath taking”.

All areas on this island are accessible within a twenty minute drive time at most.
Dining Links

Cortes has several places, not far from Nana Gump’s Guesthouse, where you can stop to eat:

• The Cove Restaurant at Squirrel Cove, or get take out from the Flying Squirrel Take Out restaurant.
• Manson Landing’s hamburger stand beside the Cortes Market
• Gorge Harbour Marina’s Floathouse Restaurant
• Snack time, stop in at the grocery stores at Squirrel Cove, Manson’s Landing or Gorge Harbour Marina.
• Browse the Friday Market in Manson’s Landing, the Saturday Market in Whaletown or the Sunday Market in Squirrel Cove.
• Or, bring back the local seafood you have collected and cook it at Nana Gump’s (we would be glad to help)
Shopping Links
Visit the Cortes Gardens store right on the property for farm fresh produce, maple syrup, honey and more.

There are a hundred and one things to do at Nana Gump’s and on Cortes Island, here is a small list:

  • Leisurely walks for all fitness levels*
  • Star gazing
  • Relaxing and swimming at Hague Lake and its beautiful sandy foreshore
  • Exploring the sandy beaches and wondrous tide pools of the Smelt Bay or Manson’s Landing
  • Incredible sunsets
  • Cruising desolation sound
  • Fishing for salmon, rock fish or halibut (seasonal)
  • Picking oysters or digging for clams and mussels
  • Fly fishing for cut throat fish in one of Cortés’s lakes
  • See the reversing stream at Coulter Bay
  • Kayaking
  • SCUBA diving.
  • Bird watching
  • Maple syrup tapping when in season
  •  Join us in our garlic and berry patches
  • Explore with us how our organic farming and bee hives fits into the natural eco system of the most northerly and beautiful of all the gulf islands
  • Explore the hamlet of Manson’s Lagoon or Squirrel Cove
  • Visit world renowned Hollyhock resort
  •  Just relaxing around Nana Gump’s